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Appearance: This carries an old “dead leaf” hue with just hints of green. The overall impression is of a dark topaz that appears heavy. It is otherwise clear and sediment free.

Louche: The louche is on the heavy side, appearing thick and milky but not completely opaque. Plenty of the original color is still retained in the louche, which is otherwise monotone.

Aroma: Curious forward tones of coriander, mint, lemon balm, and star anise show up with strength. The spice and citrus notes play dominantly. There is a bit of a mentholated note. The overall smell comes across as herbaceous and heavy.

Flavor: The star anise, spice, and mentholated components show up in force. A citrus undertone and floral wormwood are present but unbalanced and in the background. There is also a curious astringency on the sides of my tongue. The heaviness reminds me of other absinthes that are often compared to salad dressing or gravy.

Finish: A slightly creamy and spiced flavor appears but is quickly diminished by the mentholated astringency which dominates the finish.

Overall: This absinthe has everything that it should but somehow in all the wrong ways. The star anise and mentholated flavors need to take a bow and exit, as they get in the way of everything else. I see where this was heading, and I like that direction, but I feel that the result was completely off the intended mark.
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