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Improvement through aging.
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As with the aged Perroquet I'm going to review this as a comparison to the original.

The barrel-aged absinthe looks essentially the same as the unaged spirit. It is now very cognac-like, but also has a character that reminds me of Wild Turkey American Honey liqueur. Very little herbal aroma neat. The louche is dentical to the original.

With water it's sweeter than the original with nutmeg-like notes. Orange peel. The herbs are mellower and more blended while the fruitiness is enhanced.

The flavour is much more balanced than the unaged spirit. Powdery and mellow. Less lemon, more leafiness. I think I can taste the oak but it's very subtle. Even though it smells sweeter it tastes dryer.

The finish is very similar to the original, but with the fruity character coming out toward the end rather than the beginning.

I really feel like the aging in oak has improved this one.
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