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Tasty and nice for a good price!
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Pale but nice golden color. Clear and natural.

The louche is quite attractive, but not very special.

It has strong scent of wormwood, green anise accompanied with star anise, some hyssop also gentian scent and pleasant alcohol bite out of the bottle. It is quite simple and not floral but intriguing and velvety as tobacco.

Actually it is not so harsh and bitter as I thought. It has no more bitterness than the other absinthes, but some nice spiciness, I believe because of a gentian. All ingredients are very good balanced and the first impression is that this absinthe was made with care. It is good with or without sugar.


Greener color and more complexity are missing in this absinthe but I don’t want Lemercier to make any changes in the recipe ‘cause I like it very much as it is. For that price it is a very pleasant, good quality drink which is perfect for novices and as everyday’s absinthe.
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