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An anise bomb
Overall rating
I received some of this essence from a gentleman who runs the site that sells it.

The color is definitely artificial looking, but not unattractive. A little over the top on the neon green though.

It louches of pretty quickly, but doesn't turn opalescent. The neon green color gets brighter, so now it looks like a green HUGS drink.

The aroma is heavy on alcohol and anise. That's about it. Not unpleasant, but not too enjoyable either.

Flavor is pretty much all anise. I taste a very faint wormwood bitterness, but it reminds me more of southern wormwood than AA. Not much balance here at all.

I was thinking about giving this a 1 in finish because of the aftertaste of Everclear, which is astringent and not very pleasant, but there is some anise sweetness that makes it a little better than the descriptor for 1 (unpleasant).

Overall, there's no need to buy any of this. At $10 a pop, it's cheap, but then by having to buy a $16 bottle of Everclear, that brings it up to close to $30. Consumers would be better served throwing in another $20 and buying a bottle of Lucid or Kubler or even Absente.
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Awesome Bargain
Overall rating
I recently found this item on ebay and loved it! I've tried a few nice absinthes that I had to have shipped from overseas and ended paying $100 or more for, and I tried one I found in the liquor store for about $70 that wasn't so great. I can only afford to do that every six months or so. Now I can have absinthe year-round. It only cost about $12 after shipping and mixes well with both vodka and everclear. I end up buying what evers cheapest at the liquor store (usually vodka). It's also fun to make. They make a rouge which is really nice and a blanc which I haven't tried yet. I was surprised that it actually louches and didn't taste like cough syrup. I've bought this at least 4 times now and will definitely buy again. Highly recommend for the bargain hunter.
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Very Enjoyable For The Price!
Overall rating
Very nice everyday absinthe. Affordable enough to always have around. A lot of other essences have been undrinkable. This was a nice surprise.
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You get what you pay for.
Overall rating
Nice color for an oil-mix. Not too bitter like other oil-mixes. Not much flavor beyond the anise. Not very complex or balanced. Quick, cloudy louche that produces a glowing yellow color. Decent. Recommend Lucid or Kubler.
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