Le Diplomate - DC

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Le Diplomate - DC
Le Diplomate - DC

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Very popular French Restaurant in downtown D.C.

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Incredible food, absinthe service is lacking
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The food last night was unbelievable. I still can't get over how good the bread was.

My only complaint would be the absinthe service. If you're going to go through the pretense of having absinthe service on the menu, it would be wise to offer the proper preparation. My absinthe came as a one ounce dose at the bottom of a regular water glass, served with two other smaller glasses, one with water, and one with ice.

The first issue with this presentation: it is cumbersome and messy to pour the water into the absinthe glass. I'd recommend a small carafe or something similar instead, to make it easier to pour.

Second issue: not enough water. I was only given about 3 oz of water, which would bring the absinthe to about a 2:1 water to absinthe ratio. Properly prepared absinthe needs at least 3 parts, and sometimes as much as 5 parts water. The end product should be about the same ABV as wine.

By serving it in this manner, you're virtually guaranteeing a lack of repeat absinthe business. A stronger presentation with the right amount of water will not only please the customer, but will generate more interest from surrounding diners, leading to more purchases. :)

Overall, the food is incredible. I hope they improve their absinthe service, as the ambiance would be perfect.
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