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Love the politics, and now on to the absinthe itse
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The absinthe pours bright emerald. A tad light, looks natural+, as in it looks like it's had a bit of help. It smells of strong, minty wormwood (or mint and wormwood) upfront. Sweet, nice anise, some perfume.

The louche is slow and a tad weak but not inappropriate. Very good milk jade colour with shades of blue. With water it smells minty, powdery, and sweet. Anise has come forward and is very nice.

Very powerful flavour with lots of wormwood and mint. Anise is present but just can't compete. Very noticeable lemon and spice. Maybe a tad brighter and more acrid than prefered. Very crisp and refreshing. I can see the argument that there's a bit too much pontica but that's something I enjoy.

The finish is cool, minty, and fruity, with an earthy undertone. Long with a bit of the Ricola herbal character I've noticed in a couple of absinthes lately.

This absinthe has a nice, unique character. With a bit of aging I expect it would mellow out nicely but as it is it tastes very new.
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