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What absinthe should look like, but the taste...
(Updated: June 15, 2011)
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Color: This is the best green I have ever seen in an absinthe. Emerald perfection, not too dark or light. This is exactly what comes to mind when I think of absinthe-green.

Louche: Very pretty...dancing oils without much clouding until about 1:2. Once the clouds start, it louches fairly quickly. I wish the louche took a little longer because of how attractive it is. WONDERFUL post-louche color; beautifully opaque without being too thick...a very nice texture. Ends a beautiful opals-in-moonlight color.

Aroma: Neat it smells a good deal like molasses, which I like instead of the typical sugar-sweet that occurs. Once louched it's very clean and spearminty with a slight woodiness and a nice wisp of anise.

Flavor: It has a very dessert-like flavor but there most definitely is not the typical sugary taste which is a nice change: candied citrus, and some really nice wormwood flavors. I'm puzzled by the lack of sugar-taste, as the wormwood is far from bitter, and I'm not sure what's balancing the typical wormwood bitterness. The anise is present, but very faint, primarily being more minty/citrusy.

Finish: A really nice, dry finish with a whisper of sweetness, and a nice wormwood linger.

Overall: I'd like to reiterate how amazed I am by the presentation of this absinthe. The flavor is good, but not strictly what I look for in an absinthe, but I don't feel that it's "weird" by any means. I look forward to drinking a bit more of this absinthe over time.
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