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Color: Emerald clear and bright. Almost looks unnatural but I can't find any evidence of that. Not a peridot or yellow green but a very deep emerald instead. Very impressive.

Louche: Wonderful oil trails at first. It louches slow and the clouds don't pop but slowly form instead. Decent layering and clouds quickly once the oil trails are done. Perfect thickness when done and retains some of the previous green color in hue.

Aroma: Heavy on mint and licorice root? Molasses sweetness and fennel following behind. Higher ratios balance out the smell but also tends to mute them all a tad. Very mint heavy at lower ratio.

Flavor: Very minty and at “correct” ratio still has some alcohol heat. Usual absinthe flavor is there but behind the wormwood and mint duet that start out in force. An unusual but not inappropriate taste.

Finish: The finish lasts a long time and goes from sweet to bitter but not much else is going on. Simple and pleasing.

Overall: Very good but not a typical flavor profile. This is one for mint and wormwood lovers. This also may be a very good absinthe for cocktails, maybe an absinthe mojito?
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