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I am sitting at Parisian cafe in 1899...
(Updated: August 05, 2008)
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Because I have seen too many complaints as regards the aging or the lack of wormwood in that absinthe I have ever since been very fond of, I felt obliged to re-visit the old fella.

Colour: delicate, slightly yellowish verte just the way it is gotta be.
Louche: at 1:1 there are nice trails and absinthe starts to bloom in the obvious direction, the beautifully-slow-forming pearelscence is rising from the glass and at 1:3 it is neither too thick nor too thin and reminiscent of the finest Pernod fils louche-creaminess. I have finished mine at 1:5 to move wormwoodiness even more to the front, though at 1:3 it is still magnificient.

Aroma: Scent is divine and first of all there is a strong florality coming from wormwood and just a touch of fennel, and almost citrusy accent that helps you to close your eyes and travel back to Paris of 1899

Flavour: Very well balanced, with nothing to be snitty or predominant. Of course, the notorious Pontarlier wormwood is the major player, hence the absinthe is not sweet and wormwood bitterness transforms magically into the honey-like mintiness of the pontica that stays long on the palate and invites to the second sip.

Finish: Thanks Christ, anethole buddies are far away and finish is crisp, spicy and light, very pleasant, long-lingering and not tongue-numbing.

Overall: So far there has never been a better CO and I highly doubt if there ever be.
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