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Very good, could be even better.
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The absinthe pours a nice, rich olive with shots of gold through it. Clear. Before water it smells light and alcoholic. Citrusy, maybe a tad perfumey.

It has a very full and attractive louche. It finishes an opalescent green-white with hints of gold and blue. It meets my ideal for what a louche should be with lots of texture and gradient but without being dishwatery.

The aroma after water is sweet, powdery, and citrusy. Floral wormwood with a less aggressive anise presence than the louche would indicate. EVerything is in a very nice balance.

The flavour is bright and soft at the same time. Very lemony with a hint of grassiness. Anise is nice and full without being obtrusive. Wormwood is both floral and minty. Not a ton of earthiness, more sunny. Maybe a tad overly numbing.

Lemonbalm and anise decay into a classic character during the finish. Wormwood leaves a slight mouth-watering bitterness as the anise fades into an indistinct, fruity character.

I'm pretty happy with this absinthe. I think the loudness of the citrus quality might be obscuring some complexities, which is too bad as it's a very enjoyable absinthe but could be even better.
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