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Very Worthy Swiss Verte
(Updated: January 05, 2013)
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EDIT: I'm on my 2nd bottle of this, and am liking it even more. I've changed the louche from a 4 to a 5.

This is a tasty, refreshing and clean absinthe. I enjoyed it best at 4:1 with no sugar. This is the latest batch. I suspect it has improvements since the earlier reviews, as I have read notes on French sites about the maker's changes in the wormwood and flavor.

Color: clear and natural, a mix of gold and light green.

Louche: The louche is wonderful on this absinthe. Evenly building with an attractive color when complete. It is rich and thick, but not overly so.

Aroma: Very nice; anise and sweet florals with a gentle wormwood. Clean and inviting.

Flavor: The sweet anise is ahead of the wormwood here, but the wormwood is absolutely delicious...Alpine...fresh. All the elements are there, nicely balanced. If you like an anise forward verte, you will certainly enjoy this. There is a fruity edge, with citrus in the mix. A clean, bright and tasty flavor. Sugar would make this too sweet.

Finish: A quality finish with a light pinch and build. It fits perfectly with the flavor. The linger could have been a tad longer, but still quite nice.

Overall, a very solid absinthe, and is my favorite Swiss verte.
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