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my favourite verte from Switzerland
(Updated: December 24, 2010)
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I have reviewed two versions of veuve verte, the one that was 69%-1 and the other that was 68%-2. There was a premiere version, 54% which I have not had and the following review compilation is NOT about the latter.

Veuve verte 69%, reviewed 1/28/2010

Exemplary vivid green is the colour of this potion. The louche is slow and gradual unlike in other Swiss absinthes that suffer from badiane mocha louche. The louche absinthe retains green tinge and does not get too whitish.

The aroma is dominated with pontica and melissa, the herbs play the main roles, not the grains. Alcohol is undetectable, even at 69% it should be praised. Thick but not heavy, bitter and spicy on the palate the absinthe opens enough at 1:4

It might be me, but I detect tansy therein (it was later confirmed by the producer). There is licorice, pontica, wormwood very nicely pronounced, some anise, everything is balanced and not as bitter as some claim. Yet, well-balanced.

I really liked and so did my parents (not only for the tansy inclusion :)

Veuve verte 68%, reviewed 12/21/2010

The colour has changed a bit, but still is a pleasure to look at: green deep enough transforming into feuille morte. Louche has not changed a iota.

The aroma has evolved, it is tansy upfront and a little touch from mint, very balanced and rich.

At the first glance, absinthe is spicy and bitter, slightly heavy, pleasant. Balanced. Taste is the equilibrium of reasonable bitterness marrying with some spiciness and just a touch of sweetness. Masculine, absinthe forte. It is better than the previous Veuve Verte-it is more bold.

Knowing from the producer it is incorporating some ideas from C.F. Berger's art, it is a superb verte that has everything in accordance with tradition.

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