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Appearance: The classic peridot green with no haze or sediment to be found.

Louche: Very, very, thick. A lighter shade of the original peridot.

Aroma: Light, you almost have to stick your nose in the drink to smell anything. Fennel, anise, and citrus show up with a good whiff.

Flavor: Fennel, coriander, and lemon balm as well as an astringent and vegetal mouthfeel all lead in. Next act features what I would guess as a 50/50 star anise to green anise mix. Wormwood light with more pontica showing up than absinthium.

Finish: The finish opens up some of the citrus and pepper notes and also the astringent texture as well. The anise rises a bit as well.

Overall: Lots of flavor but a bit heavy on the star anise and peculiar astringency. The almost unnoticeable aroma is puzzling as well.
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