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Les bleues are best at 53-54%
(Updated: February 12, 2009)
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Although I consider Martin absinthes to rank among the finest of Les Valotes, that one is a disappointment.

The first flaw is the inproportionate ratio of herb-bill to the alcohol level, it should use definitely twice the amount of what has been used, especially wormwood.

Not sure about which alcohol is used, however it is very harsh and if you want to smoothen it you are adding more water and as a result you over-water it and the herbs get lost. The louche is too quick, could be more gradual.

Aroma is generally nice, but doesn't get near that in the taste department where everything gets overbalanced and in fact not a slight pleasant nuance is to be savoured.

All in all, it is as good as Bovet Tradition, so not that much if still drinkable, there is a lot of work to be done, or just better switch to Martin 54-much promising product from the same maker.

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