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Willy the Artist
(Updated: April 29, 2009)
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It is a typical la bleue which wins the attention of an absintheur due to superb fennel, creaminess and discrete anise.

Louche is gradual, good layering, with unlouched line staying for while, not too hasty, but ends too opaque, hence the star anise is very dominant in that department. It is not a flaw, yet could be lighter.

Aroma is very clean and crisp, really inviting, of all the 6 Valotes, only Martin 54 is as inviting as that one.

Flavour, although reveals the abundance of herbs used in that absinthe is balanced with fennel upfront, some wormwoodiness, slightly accentuated mint and very tiny dose of licorice. Since it is distilled licorice, it tastes very different from the one that had been used in vintage Berger or some other absinthes from 1900 on. Despite the use of such ingredients as licorice, star anise, coriander, Bovet is not heavy at all.

Finish is bitter and pleasant.

Unlike other les bleues, it is not star anise bomb, it is not in the vein of French blanches, either. Has personality and is much better than the more recent Bovet's offer, i.e. Tradition.

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