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(Updated: July 20, 2011)
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The absinthe has almost no colour at all, very slight greenish tint. Reminds me of absinthes that have been coloured with grande wormwood. Clear but, well, too clear.

Light floral aroma with a lot of heat. Good bit of anise, a tad tart.

lThe louche is profoundly fast and thick, with a slight minty green tint. Flat and chalky. After water it smells primarily of peppermint and anise. Chalky after-dinner mint impression. Perhaps a hint of citrus.

The flavour is extremely lemony with just a bit of floral wormwood and decent anise. Bright and very numbing. Sweet and bitter sensations are balanced, but the overall flavour is completely one-dimensional citrus.

Chalky mouth-feel during the finish, which is medicinal and astringent in the place of having any herbal qualities at all. But at least it's very fleeting.

A strikeout. I'm not sure what the creator was even going for here but I can't imagine that this would fulfill any goal.
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