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A very nice refreshing blanche. 4:1 prepared with a brouilleur.

The color was perfectly clear with no sediment.

Its aroma is the highlight for certain; crisp yet delicate, herbals and flowers.

The louche was a bit fast, but it ended up in a nice opalescent white with hints of blue and copper flashes.

Its flavor is quite nice; citrus and mint flirt around the anise and wormwood playfully. light and refreshing. Sugar would be way over the top in this absinthe.

Her finish (it's a her) was good, but not stellar. I'm not a fan of star anise, but the light pull and balance of elements made me want more. The build is promising and quality, but It simply fades too soon to be a 5. Still, quite nice.

Overall, this is a very nice blanche that is well balanced and refreshing. For those who want a delicate blanche, this is a solid choice.
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