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La Ptite
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This particular bottle was perhaps a year old. The dilution was 4:1 (water:absinthe).

This absinthe is a blanche, and it is very clear, bright and transparent. No sediment was visible. This absinthe was louched using a brouilleur. The louche began with a nice display of oil trails and soon the characteristic milkiness developed. There are nice highlights of opal, but perhaps this could be a bit stronger. The aroma was delightful; truly the "Alpine meadow".

The flavor is very nice. Obviously there is anise, but also hyssop, chamomile, and several other notes that I didn't recognise. Perhaps the fennel is a local one?

The finish was nice. I kept thinking was this a "3" or a "4"? The numbing from star anise was a bit annoying, but the wormwood bitterness (distilled, not macerated) was present in the finish. It teased one into having another sip.

Soon, much too soon, my absinthe was gone. La Ptite is a very refreshing drink. And one I really enjoyed.
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