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Alabaster perfection...
(Updated: April 05, 2010)
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As with the Kubler, I found myself at first struggling with how to rate the color of a blanche, but in the end, the beautiful crystal clarity of La Ptite convinced me to give it full marks. From that initial sparkling clarity, it louches rapidly to a creamy alabaster, with intriguing, heavy oil trails coalescing to a thick, uniform louche. The aroma and flavor and very, very nice. The scent is fresh and leafy: very herbal but not overly grassy. The flavor is predominantly bitter, especially in the finish, the but herbal freshness is present as well. La Ptite does not have the "spicy" character of many of the vertes I've tried, but it does not suffer for that. Instead, it's smooth and layered, and very satisfying. This is one that I will order again and again. Wonderful!
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