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Fleeting Kindness
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Appearance: A very clear blanche with no sediment or hue detected.

Louche: The louche ends up being very thick. An opaque and almost almond-like appearance with not much variation in hue.

Aroma: A very fennel driven smell that is also floral, sweet, and citrus in character.

Flavor: The texture is creamy and silky with a heavy weight on the tounge. Delightful citrus and lavender tones dominate over piques of anise and wormwood. There's a bit of a citrus tang but not so much of a flavor.

Finish: Crisp and slightly bitter finish with an increase in the citrus notes revealing lemonbalm. Not too long lasting and towards the end a surprising amount of star anise shows up.

Overall: A very good and interesting floral blanche. The star anise use is within reason but very pronounced in the finish, which also could last a bit longer. I love the crispness of the finish contrasting with the creamy texture of the flavor. Something as nice as the flavor makes this a great drink, if only it would stay with you longer.
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