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Fontaine of les Dieux, mais MAIS MAAAAAIIIIS
(Updated: November 10, 2010)
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Colour: clear, no sediment, no flaws. I thought it would be more in the semi translucent blanche direction

louche: 1:1 opaque, badiane-influenced louche, too quick

aroma: Nicy, fruity wormwood, some melissa, angelica, a bit pungent but in a good sense

flavour: Very pleasant, slightly pine-y. The finish is very evident.

I really like the finish: wormwood, hyssop, there is a chamomile known from Helfrich, very balanced, very fruity and bold. Best at 1:2.5. 1:3 washes some of the initial aromas.

A good attempt at a blanche. I had higher expectations, but still a real deal blanche, not la bleue, despite the quickie louche.

What I can say more? The direction is really right, but still there is a helluva of work dedicated to bringing wormwood IN

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