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Color: Perfectly clear

Louche: Correct and attractive. Rather quick. Cloudy grey white

Aroma: Anise, pepper and pine. Deep, dark and earthy with some bubble-gum and green pepper brightness. Green herbs. Smells more herbal than most blanches

Flavor: Mouthful of herbs. Black tea, herbal anise, black pepper, pine needles, tangy and sweet. Very pleasant bitterness, present but not sharp. The aroma and flavor of this absinthe is amazing

Finish: Piney bitterness, than sharp and peppery. Medicinal. Lingers a long time. Dry

Overall: A typical blanche is usually bright and crisp and anise forward. This one is more masculine and wormwood forward. The herbs are used very well to give a rich flavor and aroma. An excellent blanche!
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