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La Fine series by Racine is a kind of mystery to me.

I have had them for the very first at Boveresse and to tell the truth could not finish the glass of a verte especially. Later on it has been revealed it was a verte coloured with wormwood and at 68%.

While verte is very bold, even too bold (however, the newer batches seem to be more palatable), the blanche is anisette. It is the perfect representation of what has happened to les bleues (not all of them, obviously) in Switzerland.

The aroma is simple: badiane, badiane, badiane, fennel, a pinch of wormwood. Thank you

The louche is alright but knowing that blanche is 68%, it should bloom with herbs.

Taste is flat, one-dimensional with predominant anise notes. And here ends the short story about that anisette.
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