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A lot better than what I remember.
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I finally got to revisit this absinthe, and it is nowhere near as bitter as I remember. Had I known they had changed the recipe, I would have bought a few bottles before quit carrying them. The dose I revered had a ratio of 4.5 parts water to one part absinthe, without sugar.

The color out of the bottle was dark greenish brown, not exactly green, but not unappealing or very remarkable.
The louche was very quick, thick and long lasting. Something I like in a louche, I didn't have to gently coax it out.
The aroma was very sweet and floral, not much wormwood or anything else.
I like the flavor, it is sweet, floral, I can't really detect a strong wormwood presence. It is incredibly sweet even without sugar, almost like candy. I would really enjoy this on days when I'd be in the mood for an absinthe on the sweeter side. I remember the earlier batch that I had tried was unpleasantly bitter, this newer batch is not like that at all.
The finish is hardly there for me. It fades very quickly and isn't very satisfying. There is some dryness that forms after a while, and a little bit of numbness, but it just isn't what I like in an absinthe.

Overall, I do like La Charlotte, especially considering what the price had been considering the quality, and I am a lot more appreciative of it after the changes, whether they were real or perceived. I would love to see it come back on the market again.
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