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Acceptable, but not for every day.
(Updated: April 17, 2010)
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La Charlotte makes for an interesting change of pace, but one has to be in the right mood for it. It also helps if you have a high tolerance for bitterness.

The color (before water) is a rich greenish gold, reminiscent of a quality olive oil. The louche forms quickly and the absinthe transforms into a thick, yellowish jade. I suspect many will find the louche to be too thick to be ideal.

The aroma is quite nice if intensely herbal, and much of that herbal quality comes through in the flavor as well. There is no unwanted grassiness, so I give this absinthe comparatively high marks in that respect. However, there is a surprising bitterness which underlies the other aspects of the flavor, and in the finish this bitterness intensifies until it becomes obtrusive. In this respect, I am reminded somewhat of the Belle Amie, though the latter is better than La Charlotte.

Overall, I think this is an acceptable absinthe, but some may find the bitterness unappealing. It makes for an interesting change of pace, perhaps, but it falls well short of the standard set by the better brands on the market today.
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