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A Flame Indeed
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Appearance: A nice feuille morte color that is clean and very gem-like. Almost looks like a deep liquid topaz.

Louche: The louche is slow to form and thin. There is a cloudiness but thee overall translucency is still very clear.

Aroma: Wormwood, mint, lemon-balm, apple, and rose all seem to appear at once. There is the expected nose of oak and vanilla as well, although those aromas are not heavy and more in the background.

Flavor: The flavor opens up with a smooth wormwood and vanilla combo. The vanilla is much more apparent in the flavor than the nose. Sharp coriander comes out a bit against the anise background. Floral and fruit (malic) notes accompany in small amounts. There's a sense of tobacco hiding backstage as well. Overall this is very complex and tasty experience.

Finish: Mint and apple flavors peak from behind a silky vanilla curtain. Wormwood appears for a final bow before the vanilla curtain is drawn. The finish lasts quite a while and is very pleasant.

Overall: This absinthe does very well in striking a peculiar balance. The herbs seem fresh even though the absinthe is aged. The aging made this absinthe smooth, but not silky. Mint use is subtle and not overpowering at all. Wormwood acts as a well timed conductor instead of stealing the show. This absinthe is a unique and complex blend that is like a jazz trio compared to the rock concert that other absinthes tend to aim for. The only area that needs serious improvement, would be the louche.
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