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Unbalanced and Simple.
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Color: Clear and without any hues. No sediment or anything else obscuring the glass.

Louche: Nice louche that starts right off the bat. Very thick when it is finished and fun to watch, but not anything amazing.

Aroma: Anise hits me and honestly not much else. Seems rather one dimensional in this area.

Flavor: Simple and anise heavy. A tad bit of alcohol heat remains even at higher ratios. An odd thing for something so low proof in the absinthe world. Not much going on here but not a bad flavor either.

Finish: Goes away really fast from what I've come to expect. No changing of flavors or anything but then again it really doesn't get a chance to.

Overall: Reminds me of an absinthe substitute really. Almost nothing other than the anise is really shown. It scored points for presentation but really fell behind where it counts; flavor. I'm docking an overall point to highlight this feeling. When first on the market it may have been impressive but new competition has shown where this one really stands. I'd honestly say skip Kubler, you're not missing much.
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