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My first blanche...
(Updated: January 04, 2009)
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Like others, I struggled with how to rate the color of a blanche. Before water, it's perfectly clear, but I felt that awarding it a "5" would skew the rest of the review, so I settled on a "4." As water is added, the Kubler 53 gradually becomes a translucent, milky white, and the aroma is fresh and crisp and quite pleasing. However, I found the flavor to be a little one-dimensional, although it is nevertheless good and very acceptable. The finish is interestingly bitter but not overly so, and is pleasant enough even if not as complex as other absinthes. If Kubler's flavor matched its aroma and finish, I believe this absinthe would border on the excellent. Overall, I found the Kubler enjoyable, but I think there is room for improvement.
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