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This is among the most inferior products ever offered on the market under the designation of absinthe. It is completely deficient in every quality one looks for in absinthe. The color, while not very pleasing, is at least natural looking: any absinthe in a clear bottle would fade to olive or dead-leaf brown in a short time.

The bits of leaves and stems in the bottle are gimmicky, unattractive and distracting.

There is no louche at all, as it contains no anise or fennel.

The aroma is actually not too bad on its own, but a hint of macerated wormwood is a harbinger of things to come.

The taste at the very first is unpleasantly bitter and unbalanced, but tolerable; however this almost immediately gives way to the continually building and overwhelming bitterness characteristic of raw absinthium. This taste lingers long into the aftertaste until something else is either drunk or eaten to cleanse the palate.

Overall, this product has nothing to offer in terms of value that cannot be had from ordinary high-proof grain alcohol, and plenty to offer in terms of unwanted and unpleasant taste.

As for the claimed "secondary effects" I've forced myself to drink two full glasses of KOSG and had no noticeable effects that couldn't be directly attributed to the alcohol.

All this, combined with one of the most artificially inflated prices on the market, makes this one to avoid completely unless, like me, you have a morbid curiosity.

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