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Original and tasty blanche!
(Updated: May 18, 2009)
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Color- Clear, no tint or sediment.

Louche- Billowing clouds that start from the top. Becomes opaque rather quick but later watering includes refractory highlights of blues, purples and greys. Yellows are also present under natural light at the meniscus.

Aroma- room filling with a slow and extremely cold drip from my fountain. I get hints of anise, wormwood and lemon balm.

Flavor- Lemon balm, anise and wormwood all at the forefront. Fennel appears later on. This blanche doesn’t seem to be as “fresh” as other blanches but seems more in line with vertes with more “savory” tastes. However, towards the bottom of the glass Kallnacher more closely resembles a blanche with a significant fennel presence that is clean. Mouth feel is just right in my opinion.

Finish- Really nice off the bat with anise rounded out with lemon balm but it recedes too quickly. I put lots of significance in a quality finish.

Overall- really tasty, a bit different then your typical blanche. I’m really glad I gave it a try. Pick it up, or order it online.

Note- I really recommend letting this breathe for a while. Initial tastings had significant “funkiness” that wasn’t present after about six tastings. Tasting done with a 3 to 1 water ratio with a half sugar cube.
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