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Wonderful Suisse
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Color: Verte Suisse lives up to it's name offering up a light clear and for once a bit more green than yellow color. Still very natural but also a tad light.

Louche: This louche is amazingly pretty. Honestly one of the most captivating louches I've seen. Swirls are dancing all around and clouds pop into existence. There is a very nice gradient and a final layering effect that is wonderful. It's almost hard to give anything else a 5 after this. Very good louche.

Aroma: Spicy aroma with wormwood as well. Not too heavy on anise or fennel although they are detectable. A well balanced yet spicy and very suisse smell.

Flavor: The flavor is smooth and balanced. At first the spice is very direct but it balances out quickly. I'm not usually a suisse style person but this is wonderful. The flavor is closer to licorice than most absinthes that I've tried but it is still very good. This would do well in the winter for a treat.

Finish: The finish numbs quickly and hangs around for a good bit. At first it sweetens but then it gives way to a slight bitter numbness that plays well.

Overall: This is smooth and spiced. I like this one surprisingly well, especially as I 'm not a suisse style person. The finish is good and the taste is spot on! This also showcases one of the prettiest louches I've yet to see!
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