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One Always Remembers One's First
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I have often gone back and forth between claiming the Verte Suisse and then the Edouard to be my favorite COs. Then PF1901 came on the scene and really threw a kink into things. The Verte Suisse was my first Absinthe, however, and therefore remains a favorite but it deserves its place on its own merits.

The pre louched color is very nice, a deep green. It louches slowly with beautiful oil trails and good layering. The final color is very thick and green with hints of brown and, therefore, somewhat less appealing than others.

Aroma and flavor are fantastic with the most pronounced "herby" almost "grassy" flavor of any Absinthe I have tasted. It is complex and makes me feel like I just did a face-plant in an alpine meadow. The finish is lingering and strong.

I think the Verte Suisse is fairly distinct in its flavor and therefore will be controversial. Some will really like it and some will not, there will not be much middle of the road.
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