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The color of this absinthe is a beautiful but delicate green. Not nearly as dark in shade as its sibling the Edouard but still a lovely color to be sure. However, that all changes once the water is applied. One can easily lose themselves in the slow, cloudy swirls that erupt from violent drops of ice cold water. Once a full louche has been achieved the color takes on a lovely white opalescence with a hint of the original green producing a subtle but nice creamy appearance.

The aroma and flavor are both rather crisp and refreshing. While just as wonderful on the tongue with sugar this absinthe loses no character when unadorned and taken without it. Depending upon your preference the choice to start the evening a little sweeter and finish it out unsweetened will never be a hard one. The aroma is a very full bodied bouquet that is predominantly anise with subtle undertones but when the water is added the full figure of the complexity can be witnessed. The undertones move to the foreground presenting the full spectrum of Wormwood and Fennel mixing smoothly with the anise you started with.

The finish for me has always been smooth, easy and warming. This is a lovely absinthe that should be enjoyed completely throughout every step in the process.

Overall, this has become one of my favorite absinthes.
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