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The Queen of All Absinthe
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This was the absinthe that took my breath away. At the time of trying this for the first time, I’d had one pre-ban absinthe (Pernod, vintage 1900), and this was the modern absinthe that came the closest to that pre-ban that I had the pleasure of trying. This was the absinthe that inspired me to write my song “Goddess in a Glass”, because Jade Terminus Oxygénée is the queen of absinthe.

Appearance: Gorgeous medium peridot with hints of gold, no sediment, jewel-like.

Aroma: Anise and fennel at the forefront, a dry and minty note of wormwood to round it out, some hints of melissa and hyssop, and a tantalizingly floral presence that you can’t quite put your finger on.

Louche: Sweet dreams are conjured from this louche. Immediate cloudiness upon adding water, rich, opaque, with swirls of gold and blue within a gorgeous primarily jade color taking shape.

Flavor/mouthfeel: Mind-blowing. Anise and fennel dance across the tongue and pull you further in to detect the minty notes of the wormwood, melissa, hyssop, and that mysterious floral note. Very naturally sweet in its own. Sweet, floral, and botanical. You can’t ask for better than this. The six years of aging really makes this absinthe an incredible experience. Makes the entire mouth tingle with pleasure. Incredibly velvety, pleasant mouthfeel.

Finish: Mouthwatering, lingering sweetness and botanical finish, alluring, pleasant tingles on the tongue and cheeks.
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