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Incredible Absinthe
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The final absinthe from Jade Liquors - what a stunner!

Appearance and aroma previous to being prepared really indicates just what is in store... a gorgeous color to behold and the scent is addicting. When water is added, the absinthe louches up in all the right ways - providing a wonderful visual showcase of trails and clouds... billowing and blowing around in the glass. The flavor is equally as incredible and once the glass is empty the memory of it begs to be filled once again. Complex yet very balanced, creamy and very 'present' in the ways a great absinthe makes herself known.

Interesting how this absinthe is so similar to the other Jades but also is very distinct from them as well. The taste seems to evolve both within a single glass and over the life of the bottle. The complexity and creaminess of this absinthe is astounding - like all the Jades, this is one to keep a few bottles in stock for sure! I LOVE it.
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