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Best yet,, Ted.
(Updated: November 27, 2009)
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There is no question, to me at least, that this is Ted's best effort, to date. Although the marc base that he uses is still a tad more evident than I'd like, there is certainly none of the funkiness that I had a hard time getting past in a few of his previous releases.

The color is a lovely, and vibrant peridot green (although not quite as impressive as I remember it in the Edouard), and enough of it carries over into the full blooming louche to create a bright and minty colored drink.

The aroma is excellent, but there is still a little too much of the base present for me to rate it any higher. High quality green anise, fennel, and hyssop are obviously present, although the wormwood seems a bit muted, and this is also true regarding the flavor. There is a fine marriage of flavors, and the finish is clean, rich, and long.

Overall, this is a top notch recreation of its antecedent, except for the somewhat toned down wormwood, particularly in the finish, and the alcohol base, which doesn't match the level of Pernod Fils...of course, to be fair, what absinthe's base today could?
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