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4.5 24 0.5
1901 meets and exceeds the hype and hoopla
(Updated: March 17, 2012)
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kinda pale neat.

Great Louche (must be a Ted thing)

Nice, bold aroma

Delicious flavor, bold, creamy, balanced, and very tasty

Great finish, creamy and complex.

I could have sworn I had tasted this already because of of the great detailed reviews here. It more than lives up to the hype and adoration.

Edited to bump appearance to 4, since it is clear, bright and natural. wish i could give aroma a 4.5, or 4.49. Better than just good, but I've encountered enough abstinthes with a more enticing aroma to give it a 5. Still over all this absinthe is great, and among my favorites.

Gave the aroma a desreved 4.5.

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