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JL 1901 2012
(Updated: November 12, 2014)
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JL 1901 March 2012 bottling

Appearance neat is a beautiful golden shade of amber green.
Louched it becomes a very antique looking yellow green opaque light jade.
Aroma neat is the smooth base shining through with a hint of vanilla and spices. The addition of ice cold water brings heavy anise and hearty florals. With a minty herbal goodness and a musky scent that cannot be mistaken for anything but a Jade. Powerful and smooth. Superb.
Fully prepared the flavor is an excellent herbal bliss with nice hot pepper and powdery overtones. And something akin to butternut squash with the everdeveloping aroma surrounding it all. A very puntuated and smooth mouthfeel. This is one you can really sink your teeth into.
Couldn't be happier.

The finish is rich and smooth with a lingering 'afterglow' that is pleasant and prickly and fills your senses with a good dose of happy. Slight numbing on the tongue after a minute or so but just enough to remind you that you have more waiting in the glass.

Overall the JL 1901 is a wonderful absinthe that takes you back in time to what i believe absinthe of a hundred years ago would taste like. A very pleasant beverage that I believe most would enjoy.
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