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Favorite Jade!
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Color: Greener side of peridot. Very clean, clear, natural and bright. As with most Jades this is a very nice color.

Louche: Very pretty louche. The Jades seem to be excelling in this area quite well. The pacing is great and the clouds roll into existence. Thick but still translucent louche at the final ratio. Really well done.

Aroma: A big display of the main three with subtle hints of lemon balm and others just around the corner. Sweet smelling with an earthy thickness.

Flavor: Wonderful thick and rich taste. The flavor easily put this absinthe in my favorites. Starts sweet with the big three again and reveals more herbs just afterwards. It plays well on all parts of the tongue and is even more complex than it smells. Amazing!

Finish: The other herbs display here quite a bit. The original taste is left over and sticks with the finish while other flavors dance on top. Starts and ends sweet but both beginning and end are a different flavor. Really cool effect and one of the best finishes I've experienced so far.

Overall: Absolutely fantastic absinthe. Just a dip outside the norm and very well done. I may have to keep a bottle of this on hand at all times despite the cost. A good showcase of knowledge and creativity. A taste that is right up my alley and a finish that is out of this world!
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