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A very enjoyable experience.
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Color: A pale, pale forest green. Very clear.

Louche: Really nice swirling oils, slowly building thicker and more opaque from the bottom of the glass. Once louched, it's a luminous moonlight green, with fiery oranges. Absolutely lovely.

Aroma: I'm first hit with sugar, anise and alcohol...a hint of the outdoors after rain. Sweet and bright, then wormwood and lemon balm.

Flavor: Feels very icy and silky, and has many light and soft flavors that blend together wonderfully, along with what I can only describe as an essence of "bayou" that is in no way bothersome.

Finish: Warm and spiced, happy and tingly, with a chalky sugar taste/feel.

Overall: This absinthe feels a lot less like something that is just drank, and more of an experience to drink. I like absinthes that attempt to do something different while still remaining clearly absinthe-flavored, and I feel this absinthe has done that well, without the uniqueness of it being too distracting. I greatly enjoy this absinthe.
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