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Pretty tasty stuff
(Updated: January 10, 2013)
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Color was a faint light emerald green, with the slightest suggestion of a blue in the mix. Gem-like sparkles in the facets of my pontarlier glass. After adding the water to the level I enjoy this at, it was a tad thinner than I prefer however.

Louche was slow forming, dramatic thick trails turning to puffs of smoke. Thick, distinct layering with the tiniest of smoky tendrils rolling around under the clear layer. Lovely shade of light green with nice light-play refraction and copper highlights. This louche was formed with a very very thin steady stream of ice cold water.

The aroma was inviting and interesting. It has the definite "Jade" character... just a bit of earthiness in the mix. Flavor... smooth and balanced, well thought out and complex. It is a milder profile than the other Jades, and a bit on the thin side for my tastes. Still, it works as a concept, and is enjoyable. There's a cooking spice vibe that I really warmed up to; I can see myself drinking this on a cold winter night by the fire...if only I had a fireplace!

Finish was layered and interesting. A nice light pinch and mild bitter with a lingering light citrus and white pepper. The finish is one of this absinthe's strengths.

For me, it's a little on the light side, As I prefer a more robust personality. It is refreshing and interesting however, and I suspect some will find this to be their favorite Jade.
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