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My favorite Jade
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Color: A bright, attractive peridot green. A slight blue tinge appears when louched.

Louche: Pretty thick and opaque. Attractive. I wouldn't say it gets there too quick by any means but it could build slower.

Aroma: Very complex and interesting. There are so many things going on in there it's hard to isolate them. It has a noticeable fragrant wormwood presence along with of course the anise. Right up there along with them are unique notes I struggle to put a finger on. I think I can detect sea salt and a mustard-like tang in there, along with other spices reminiscent of a Christmas ale (I'm not the only one to draw this comparison). Not sure I'd call it room filling (it may depend on the size of the room), but you can be several feet away and still take it all in. Extremely delightful.

Flavor: Naturally everything I spoke of regarding the aroma is reflected in the flavor. It's very complex while balanced. Nothing overpowers the other allowing the wide variety of unique characteristics to take their turn on your taste buds. The wormwood presence is forward. Herbaceous, earthy and spicy. Again I'm getting that mustard tang and the Christmas spice, though they are more subdued in the palate than they are on the nose. Delicious.

Finish: Long and satisfying.

Overall: My favorite Jade and one of my favorite absinthe's period. This is something I'd like to have on hand at all times. It is very idiosyncratic and won't appeal to everybody, but to those it does appeal to it can become quite an addicting beverage.
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