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The closest to perfect absinthe I've ever tasted
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What to say about Jade Nouvelle Orleans? As far as I can tell, this is as good as Absinthe gets, and I'm just not sure how to improve on it-- whether this is an expression of my inexperience (9 real absinthes and counting), or it's really that good-- we'll see... Special occasions, any time I feel like taking the challenge of taking lots of time and truly appreciating a great absinthe-- this is what I'll reach for unless/until I actually find something even better.

Appearance: It's beautiful, jewel-like, as green as truly naturally colored absinthe probably gets-- perfectly transparent lovely green... if it weren't real, it would be my dream of what Absinthe should look like.

Louche: Let's see-- "defined, highly opalescent, three-dimensional" - check. Translucent, lovely, great highlights... I've got a good imagination, but I still can't imagine it getting better as I'm looking at the fully-louched glass.

Aroma: I'm torn between giving it a 5 or a 4.5, but I'm not a good enough judge of scent to tell what's perfect or not-- and if there's any area that's great but not quite perfect, this is probably it.

Flavor/Mouthfeel: best absinthe I've ever tasted. Need I say more?

Finish: No burn, no bitter, just delightfully lasting great taste.

Overall: Again, I think I've got a pretty good imagination... but if Jade N.O. weren't real, it would be the absinthe of my dreams...

In closing-- as I commented on another review, there will still be plenty of days that I'm the mood for "Jade Light" (aka Lucid) instead of the full Jade... but when I'm in the mood & have the time for the full serious drink, this is now my top go-to. I love it.
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