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Refreshing and spicy
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I'm very fond of Jade's Nouvelle Orleans. It pours out an attractive peridot green and louches to a pleasing jade. The color and louche are perhaps not as excellent as PF 1901, but are still very good. However, the aroma of the Nouvelle Orleans is truly outstanding. It's crisp, refreshing, spicy, and complex, and to my mind not a single note is out of place. The flavor is almost as good: there is bitterness and spice, but if those represent bass and treble, then there is perhaps less in the "mid-range" that would be ideal. The finish is good if not extraordinary, with the spice and bitterness lingering and some numbing of the tongue as well. Overall, I think the Nouvelle Orleans is a worthy cousin of the other Jade offerings, and it's definitely one I'll order again.
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