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Jade Absinthe Edouard
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Jade Absinthe Edouard from Feb 2006. Diluted at 3.5:1, without sugar, using a brouilleur.

The color is a very clear and bright pale green, leaning towards the blue. In other words, it is not an olive green, but more of an emerald green. There is no trace of "dead leaf" color. After 20 months the color before water is a little paler than I remember, but the change is slight. The color after water maintains it's emerald green within the milkiness of the louched absinthe. It's a very nice shade of green.

Using a brouilleur means that my comments regarding the louche are less than perfect. It's difficult to control the drip to really see the louche develop as one can using a fountain. Regardless, the louche is very nicely done. Beginning with a grand display of oil trails, slowly transitioning to milkiness. The result really isn't as opalescent as you'd like it to be. Perhaps the lighting in my house is not so good. As I approached the bottom of the glass the opalescence really started to show itself. So I'd guess that bit more transparency in the louche would have allowed that to shine forth.

The aroma is very nice. I've never noticed the so-called "funk" in the Edouard that others say they notice. There's no real alcohol bite that I can tell.

The flavor is one of the Edouard's strong points. A rich mouthfeel, with a number of flavors mingling and separating it's quite a delight. The sweet fennel is a bit over the top though.

I never really noticed this before with the Edouard, but the tongue numbing (from the fennel) is quite strong. At least it is tonight, for me. I actually deducted a point for it.

I've always enjoyed the Jade Edouard, and tonight is no exception. It is one of the best absinthes available today (Oct 2007). I always pull it out when I am looking to drink something special. The Edouard was my first absinthe, and one I always suggest to friends new to absinthe to try.
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