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Mars 2008 batch-not a good year
(Updated: April 30, 2009)
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If you remember the beutifully deep and vibrant colour of the early Jadedouards, that batch, that rose so many controversies at FV, will be a great disappointment. It looks exactly like strongly undercoloured Swiss les bleues turned verte at 55%, but that is 72%!

Louche is alright, exactly the one the pre-ban should produce.

If the spirit smells of glue, it means that that is high in ethyl acetate, so seems to be the case, first glue, then herbs. What has happened?

Flavour is spicy, there is wormwood in it, but the glue aftertaste and marc base have their predominant say spoiling the goodness it might offer once we go past the glueiness.

I haven't had the pleasure of tasting pre-ban Edouard, but that particular batch seems to be far, far away from what has been offered previously under that very name.
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