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The Hills Are Not Alive With the Sound of Absinthe
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After having made a purchase of absinth(e) last year, some vendor or other included a small sample of Hill's as a free gift. I was somewhat glad, actually, considering that I wanted to sample one of the Czech absinths without having to pay for it, given the overwhelmingly negative reviews I'd heard and read.

Unscrewing the cap and taking a whiff, I was struck with the smell of strong alcohol, and not much else. Given that I didn't smell anything inappropriate to absinthe, I have to give the Hill's a 2 in this category.

In terms of louche, I have to say that in spite of what others have observed, I did detect a slight cloudiness. Granted, it was far too oily to be appropriate, but there was a little bit of activity.

As for the flavor, I can't add too much here that hasn't been said before. I imagine this is what a bottom shelf "mint vodka" might taste like. Yes, it truly is very "Scope"=like.

There was a noticeable numbing for the finish, but the razor-thin mouthfeel combined with a completely inappropriate flavor cannot earn the Hill's more than a 1 in this category.

This product is clearly not an absinthe in the authentic, historical sense of that liquor. As an ingredient in an unrelated mixed drink, it might be acceptable, but there was nothing about the Hill's which made me want to experiment with it in that capacity.
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