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Appearance: A wonderfully vibrant peridot green. No visible sediment. Very inviting.

Louche: Thick and juicy. Reminiscent of the thick louches of pre-ban absinthes. Bright green and opalescent.

Aroma: Minty fresh and bracing. Herbaceous and powerful. Lots of wormwood with the perfume of top notch green anise and fennel. Citrus is noticeable as well. Intriguing.

Flavor/Mouthfeel: Thick and tongue coating mouthfeel with just a touch of numbing. Absolutely delicious. Great balance between the holy trinity of herbs (wormwood, green anise, and fennel), as well as a nice complexity delivered by the coloring herbs. Juicy fruit sweetness from hyssop, nice mild bitterness from the petite wormwood, aromatic calamus (I think), and a great citrus undertone. Very refreshing.

Finish: Lasts all day long. Just delicious. Your mouth begs you for more.

Overall: This is an incredible absinthe. Truly one of the greats. If you can get a bottle of this, you should. Highly recommended.
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1 results - showing 1 - 1