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This is about as far from authentic absinthe as you can get. This brand comes from the same people who have brought you other fake absinthe like Djabel and Koruna.

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Stay away
(Updated: September 04, 2010)
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This is to absinthe what Mad Dog 20/20 is to wine. I would not recommend this product to anyone who is looking to buy authentic absinthe.

The taste is bitter and rancid with a terrible alcoholic and astringent bite in the finish. A punishing drink.
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What did Australia do to deserve this?
(Updated: February 06, 2014)
Overall rating
This is Australia's most visible 'absinth', sold in most bottle shops and heavily promoted in bars.
I have no idea how to even begin describing this drink, which, by the way, is not cheap: it's AUD 140 to the litre!

It has the appearance of listerine, except even more vibrant, and even more shocking.
A whiff of it proved redolent of poor quality vodka with some drops of eau de toilette added to the mix. It does not louche. It simply turns a lighter shade of neon green. Don't bother with a slow drip - I assure you nothing interesting will happen!

This drink actually tastes better neat than with water.
The flavour is, to put simply, very bitter and industrial with some indiscernible flavourings. It obviously resembles very strong grain alcohol, but there is something else in the mix, a "blend of herbs and spices" to quote the label. It may or may not contain wormwood, but that itself seems unimportant. There is no anise whatsoever. It is completely undrinkable.

Please pass the message along about this drink to your mates because this crap is literally sold everywhere! May I suggest getting pastis from the shelf instead, which, despite not being a true absinthe as well, is actually rather enjoyable to drink and much closer to the real thing.

N.B.: Also see Stromu reviews, as they are probably the same thing, just rebranded.
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