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One word: wonderful!
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Color: Splendid feuille morte with a beautiful orange tint, a forest in autumn.

Louche: Quick and thick, beautiful, the color gets more amber/peachy.

Aroma: Hard to beat such a floral bouquet, a blast! A great panel of fruity and fresh aromas that mainly includes green anise, then angelica, then a bit of A.a. and a few others hard to identify because of the wonderful blend and balance of aromas.

Flavor: Definitely not a Pontarlier style absinthe, a real change and a real explosion for the taste buds, the most unusual vintage absinthe I've ever tasted. That angelica is incredibly fresh and perfumed, I've never felt it that way in any modern or vintage absinthe. And as we needed another bonus, the green anise is as fruity, juicy and biting as the one in the PF 1914 batch.

Finish: it stays forever on your palate, you can only want more. And more...

Overall: What can I add? I've been sniffing the empty sample bottle for days, my body was crying for having more of it.

I was married with the wonderful Pernod Fils from Pontarlier, now I have a mistress from Lyon.

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